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Resource Center - General Business/Industry Reference - Market Research/ Competitive Intellegence
Electronic trend publication

Data from Find/SVP research companied with hundreds of research reports published by other companies

Market research information

4. Frost and Sullivan
An international marketing consulting and training company, focusing on research databases & usable information from the reports

5. Gartner Group
Focus is on research and analysis of the information technology industry.

6. Insight
Online research tool

7. Nielsen
Research statistics from Nielsen Media Research companies

8. North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)
all establishments are assigned a classification by the Federal Government for statistical purposes

9. The International Research Mall
Six leading international market research companies combining to provide market research & statistics

Provides exclusive advertising & marketing industry data with more than 600 charts in four major industry categories

11. American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)
Research information on benchmarking, customer satisfaction, & knowledge management

Multimedia facts & figures

Informative articles & essays on competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence & marketing analysis services for the small business

(Fee based) analysis of U.S. business operations from industry experts, competitors, customers & suppliers

Free database of business publications from government agencies to online businesses

17. Business Information Solutions
Demographic & psychographic data profiling & comparing metro areas with national averages

Information & articles on major media & advertising

19. Competitive Intelligence Workbook
Organized competitive intelligence for your business

20. InfoMinder
Track websites & get notification of content changes

21. InvestigatorÆs Toolbox
Resources for researchers

Marketing information, products, ideas & links to over 100 marketing databases

23. NewsDirectory: Newspaper & Media
English-language media online

24. Newspaper Association of America: Advertising & Marketing
Advertising & marketing intelligence of daily newspaper publications

25. Postcard Marketing Secrets
Guide to market clients & prospects with postcards

26. Quirk's
Informative marketing research tool

27. Article Archive
Marketing research articles online

28. Radio Marketing Guide & Fact Book for Advertisers
Provides radio facts & information on various radio statistics, audiences, profiles, products, media comparisons

29. RedBooks
Advertisers and agencies online, agency showcase, brand name lookup, associations directory and more

30. Selling to Big Companies: Sales Articles
Guide to selling products & services to large corporate accounts

31. Signage For Your Business
Resource providing information on signage for your business

32. SRDS
Provides media rates and data for the advertising industry

33. Target Market News
Information & trends in black consumer marketing

34. The Business Research Lab: Marketing Research Tips
Tool to organize research information from the design to implementation of research

35. TvRadioWorld
Internet broadcast directory and listing of radio television stations on the web

36. WatchThatPage
Monitor your favorite internet sites & be notified of content changes

37. Web Design by Lrpdesigns
Webpage design & strategy planning

38. Website-Watcher
Monitor any number of websites for updates & changes at minimal cost

39. Welcome to Radio
Radio marketing guide and fact book for advertisers

40. Wilson Internet: Web Marketing & E-Commerce
Provides key information about doing business online, with links to e-commerce & web marketing resources

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